Dental Crowns Options to Improve the Look of Your Smile!

Learning more about how dental crowns can save your damaged teeth is a wonderful idea. There are various types of dental restoration possibilities to ensure you have a healthy mouth and crowns are just one of these restorations. The even more you understand about taking good care of your teeth’s health and how a dentist will help you when you are in need of any dental work, the more likely you will experience a healthy and balanced mouth.

About natural-looking dental crowns

Wondering how dental crowns are going to look after they are located in your mouth? The majority of today’s teeth patients are searching for dental solutions that are natural-looking. This is an easier accomplishment at present due to all of the dental-related advancements which have been manufactured in recent years. When making a crown, a dentist will essentially create a duplicate of the damaged tooth. For the tooth to operate properly, the form of the crown covering it’ll include curves, cusps, and ridges. Crowns will be made specifically to resemble natural teeth and will achieve a natural look with the utilization of ceramics and porcelains. Prepared to learn more about different types of crowns now available, like the most natural-glimpseing dental crowns on the market?

Dental crowns serve multiple purposes

  • Rebuilding teeth – A crown can strengthen and protect severely weakened, damaged or even broken teeth.
  • Improve appearance – Dental crowns can unify the look of a smile by blending in with the size, color and condition of natural teeth.
  • Paired with other devices – Crowns could be paired with dental implants, and can also hold an oral bridge in place.

Different types of dental crowns

The list below includes some of the more popular types of natural-looking dental crowns available today. Since there are such a variety of crown materials, it is important for every dental patient who is looking for a dental crown to comprehend the pros and cons that come with each kind of material.


Porcelain crowns will be the most natural-looking kind of dental crown because porcelain is a material that very closely matches the look of a natural tooth. The pros of choosing porcelain crowns include their capability to easily blend in with the rest of one’s teeth, making them aesthetically pleasing. The con of deciding on a porcelain crown is they are not as durable as other materials used when producing a oral crown. To find out more, visit Todd P. Briscoe, DDS

Porcelain fused to metal

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns remain very natural looking and are made using both porcelain and metal. The pro is that the metal used isn’t visible, as it is utilized to create a more powerful base for the crown, making it stronger. The con is it can wear down opposing teeth. Since there are several types of metals that works extremely well plus porcelain crown, patients should discuss their metal options with their dental office.


All-ceramic crowns are another natural-looking kind of dental crown. The pro of choosing this kind of dental crown is that it works extremely well to treat problems with the front teeth and will be color-matched to blend in with all of those other teeth. The con is that this certainly dental crown is not as strong as other styles of crowns.

Gold and metal

Both gold and metal crowns are also available, yet these two types of crowns are incredibly noticeable. While the majority of today’s dental patients are buying a natural-looking crown option, there are a few patients who particularly choose dental crowns which will stand out once positioned in the mouth. For instance, a patient can design their smile using gold crowns, making for quite a unique-looking smile.

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